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Praia Piquinia Subscription

The season of gift-giving has arrived, and while we draft our own list of who’s been naughty or nice, there’s only one thing we’re requesting from jolly ‘ole Saint Nick, an annual getaway to the European seaside.  Captured through the lens of photographer Christian Chaize, the ongoing series, Praia Piquinia, highlights a small stretch of coastline in southern Portugal, home to secluded beachfront, crystal clear surf and sun-kissed shores. Since 2004, Mr. Chaize has returned several times a year, each visit unveiling new subject matter within the locale’s rocky embrace.

Praia Piquinia has peeled back layers in how I see and, as a result, in how I experience my journeys there. Together, we are evolving. The place is the same, but as always, I seek to have new eyes.’ – Christian Chaize

Certainly a philosophy with which we couldn’t agree more. Perfectly packaged in an archival portfolio, a Praia Piquinia Subscription is the ultimate stocking stuffer for your creative cohorts and coastal comrades. With a new piece being delivered straight to one’s door for the life of the series, it truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Praia Piquinia 21-08-09

21/08/09 | 15h10

Praia Piquinia

29/08/06 | 12h52                                                27/08/08 | 13h14

Praia Piquinia 13-08-10

13/08/10 | 11h05

Christian Chaize Book

And for those of you who prefer your sun and sand in smaller doses, Mr. Chaize recently released a perfectly portable (and equally covetable) version of the series, available for purchase here.

All images courtesy of Christian Chaize.

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