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June 16, 2014


Since Summerset entered into our journey, we’ve found that no matter the miles between us and its walls, a slice of our thoughts is perpetually tethered to the City-By-the-Sea. This weekend past was spent with one of our nearest + dearest Pallies-in-Design, Letter From Brooklyn, galavanting about our beloved coastal communities closer to home. However, tucked ever so slightly behind inspiring shoppes and delicious eateries were images of life at the Gilded Getaway, which to date, has yielded nothing less than scintillating scenery (why hello, ombré ocean).

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



Almost a month has passed since our recent Far East jaunt, and truth be told, we’re just unpacking the last of our bags. While our itinerary in Asia is typically overflowing with back-to-back meetings and mile-long memos back to the States, we cordoned a pinch of time to indulge the senses in our favorite culinary hotspots and retail gems. We’re not partial to silly souvenirs or cliche keychains; in fact, we prefer to stock up on stylish wares and a plethora of inspiration.

A ‘tasting’ menu of what’s in our bag…

The cutest cord caddies you ever did see; why not wrap your wires in mini leather luxury?

Brass clips, perfect for keeping a watchful eye on sinful sweets, desktop docs + textile swatches.

Swoonworthy branding from an Urban eatery, one part design-candy, two parts delish.

Handbalm singlehandedly waging a war on dryness + packaging perfection at every altitude.

A pencil pouch of colossal collaborative proportions, straight to the point in style + function.

Kraft keepsake from a Waterhouse requisite; proof that being No. 1 has its advantages.

A Mini-Rider to tote our wares from there to here, a stateside staple with international appeal.

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


Some of life’s sweetest pleasures are the ‘pinch-me’ moments when one can’t help but pause and reflect. The past few weeks at Summerset, our newly named getaway, have been a chain of those thoughts, strung together like cafe lights twinkling in the night. Renovations to date have been a palatable blend of creative DIY and professional prowess, and with a fresh coat of paint going on as we speak, the proverbial blank canvas makes for an interior feast.

With each passing project, our sweet coastal abode is slowly starting to take shape. The floors, original to the house and dating back to the forties, serve as architectural eye candy with a welcoming embrace. In contrast to nail guns, plaster and the lumber du jour, newly commissioned artwork from a textile artist is well underway. This fiber master renders us weak in the knees with her vision of classically nautical with a TGL ‘pinch of glam’.  

The season of fun-in-the-sun has fully arrived, and while this pretty ‘lil lady is far from ready to make her debut, we like to think she’s adjusting quite nicely. Welcome to The Summerset Series, pint-sized servings of life on the coast, which we promise will be (like our credo at Around the Pound), occasionally golden, always deliciously creative.

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