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A letterpress enthusiast and self-proclaimed notewriter extraordinaire, it’s no secret we have a longstanding love affair with all things Egg Press, our go-to source for sending cheer in style. Forever smitten with Egg Press’ whimsical patterns and cheeky greetings (not to mention those signature diecuts, which get us every time), we’re head-over-heels with their most recent product launch, the Social Preparedness Kit, (SPK for those of you fancy paper peeps looking to be ‘in the know’). The collection, made exclusively in Oregon using age-old letterpress techniques and hand-printed textiles, couldn’t more perfectly marry two of our favorite things. Statement worthy social notes, pint-size pouches, and notable note pads, i.e. the cornerstones of correspondence guaranteed to make you step up your snail-mail game.

April marks National Letter-Writing Month, and as would only seem fitting, Egg Press created the Write_On Campaign in 2014 to promote joy + creativity through hand-written correspondence. The mission, write 30 letters in 30 days. Join us in the upcoming month, and remember those you hold near + dear; deliver greetings of love and laughter the good ‘ole fashioned way.

As the countdown clock to April ticks near, we’re digging deep in our drawers and stockpiling our stamps.  And while we’re sure to devour our new SPK, those gilded clams dancing cheek-to-cheek? Perfect for that special someone who floats your boat. Subsequently, our most beloved Egg Press greeting of all? Naturally this one, because surely Tess et team had a direct line to our inner psyche. Thank you Egg Press, we think you’re pretty special too. xx

Images courtesy of Egg Press.

Outstanding In the Field



For many years, we had admired from afar a culinary caravan, snaking its way across the country in collaboration with local farmers, noteworthy chefs, and much like ourselves, foodie fanatics in pursuit of a homegrown meal that would long be talked about as one for the ages. A dining fantasy, high atop our proverbial bucket list, sadly untouchable due to sold out tickets that rivaled sell out times of rockstars and legends. Setting the table since 1999, Outstanding in the Field has made countless tours coast-to-coast, served more than 60,000 individuals, and rallied in pursuit of their humble theme, ‘To honor the good people whose good work brings nourishment to the table’.

2013, the year we would conquer the virtual ticket line, granting us a place in the field and a seat at the table. The Hickories, a female run organic farm in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Sans fancy place settings and stuffy waitstaff, we dined in the company of furry friends and unknown neighbors, joined together over a common bond of locally sourced food within our community. 2014, we expanded our radius and let our tastebuds dictate the way to our dining destiny. Winter Point Oysters, a picturesque setting in coastal Maine, complete with nature’s eventide in the heart of America’s Vacationland. Periwinkle salad + lobster (lobstah for those of us blessed with a natural flair for the New England tongue) steam buns. Friendly chatter over a bonafide seafood feast, by night’s end the stars were twinkling and our bellies full.

Delightful dining aside, our biggest takeaway from these simple, yet spectacular meals, is the humble stage upon which these hardworking farmers present their craft. Their days are long and yet their hearts are large. As they speak, often shyly, about the work they partake in day after day, their passion radiates as bright as the sun setting behind their backs. Jim Denevan, founding father of OITF (not to mention, an artistic force in his own right), has created a devoted trail of followers in the wake of his caravan’s path, each with minds (and palates) open to these fine purveyors of local fare.

Join us on March 20th, as we cast our vote for this year’s table of choice when tickets go live for the 2015 Tour. Given our new home-away-from-home in the Ocean State, we’ve got our eye on newbie-on-tour, Little Compton. A stone’s throw from Newport, and our neighbor across the bay, we’re sure to be in for another meal for the memory bank. If you happen to be in the Rhode Island area, we hope to see you at the communal table where we’ll share stories over wine and food as fresh as the day’s offering. Should your location be further west, or somewhere in-between, OITF has plenty of stops in the queue, check the tour, as there’s most likely one coming to a local farm near you.

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


Having fallen slightly behind the blogging eight ball at the end of last year, this is one post we simply had to complete. For those who’ve been following along at Around the Pound, you may remember our pre-holiday jaunt to Ontario, Canada. Never having skipped out on Turkey Day festivities here in the States, we knew that uprooting tradition needed to be adequately adventurous and equally fulfilling. When Christine, (the creative genius behind noteworthy shoppe Love the Design, not to mention one of the must-see spots in our Toronto Guide), captured the scene at Prince Edward County’s newest hotel, the stage had been set, we had found our spot.

Nestled along the lakeside coastline of small town Wellington, and a palatable drive from Toronto and Quebec, the Drake Devonshire makes for a perfect getaway. The younger sibling to Toronto’s revered hipster hangout, the Drake Hotel, the Drake Devonshire, aptly nicknamed ‘Drake by the Lake‘, offers guests a harmonious blend of contemporary cool and farmhouse chic. The premise, once an iron foundry, now a boutique hotel featuring a handful of rooms + two breathtaking suites, greets guests with welcome reprieve from the city grind and a warm embrace (it is after all, smack in the middle of PEC’s notorious wine country).

The interior decor, reminiscent of a lakeside cottage from decades past, understatedly updated with custom furnishings, magnificent millwork, and Brimfield finds, offers guests all the comforts of home. Those MacAusland’s woolen blankets in the softest of palettes and handwoven on antique Canadian looms? We loved them so much we customized a Summerset version to cut through the chill of our own coastal nights.

Last, but most certainly not least, the onsite restaurant, featuring farm and lake-to-table cuisine, hits the culinary mark. Killer cocktails, awesome entrees and the sweetest of scones we still have dreams of, offer a recipe for success; our traditional Thanksgiving meal (and the next, and the next) couldn’t have been more wonderfully and tastefully replaced.

In a successful twist on modern glamping (minus the bugs and brimming with beaucoup style), it’s no wonder this indie hotel hotspot was recently touted on Travel & Leisure’s Hotel Hot List. Book your own stay and see for yourself; we can’t wait to return in warmer temps… roasting s’mores by the campfire, winery hopping around Wellington and riding bikes through the countryside. A late winter escape more your style? They do that too, be an ‘indoor indulger‘, i.e., cozy up by the fire, glass of wine in hand, and enjoy the view, the water’s cold, but the vibe is warm.

Drake Devonshire | 24 Wharf St., Wellington, Canada.

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


March 1, 2015


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When Sara Kate Huff opened up shoppe in Oklahoma City, our travel intuition kicked straight into high gear; a destination on the map we suddenly had reason to explore. Given Sara Kate’s discerning eye and aesthetic prowess, a local brick and mortar spoke volumes to what one would imagine – a captive audience and urban development. (For more details on Sara Kate Studios, not to mention interior eye candy galore, swing by our recent post for the inside scoop.)

Smaller in size to some of our prior destinations, this capital city still delivered a handful of gems. With trustworthy copilot Letter From Brooklyn right by our side, off we went with maps marked and ears to the ground. Letterpress enthusiasts and longstanding paper peeps, we made a beeline for Chirps and Cheers (if ever there’s a stationery store, we are guaranteed to unearth it). Adorably petite and meticulously curated, we stocked up on goodies + snail mail galore, chatting like locals with owner Susan, (who, by the way, is sweet as sugar just like her shoppe).

Meeting over brunch with Sara Kate and Allison, (a local consultant who knows Oklahoma City like the back of her hand), we got the lowdown on local happenings, a host of budding businesses, and the intel behind a city with an appetite for more, much more. Our choice for the gathering, Kitchen No. 324, served as the ultimate setting to complement our discussion. Modern interior, artisanal coffee + sinful sweets (try the Bavarian Cream Doughnut, you’ll thank us later), blink twice and you might just think you were in midtown Manhattan.

In between meals and retail exploring, we squeezed in some time for artistic inspiration and neighborhood navigating, paths driven by an ongoing desire to peel back the layers and unveil what a community is truly about. OKC, rooted in longstanding industries that have served this nation for decades and decades, is finding its footing and hitting its stride. While it may not (yet) be touted on ‘top ten lists’ by travel publications, editors and bloggers alike, it certainly has blossoming character and American swagger.

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