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For some, it’s shoes, others handbags. For us, nothing speaks to our style weakness like the perfect desktop accessory. So when Suann Song, a graphic designer + resident expert in all things paper, recently introduced a Kickstarter Campaign to launch a collection of notebooks under her new venture Appointed Co., we snapped to attention + practically hugged our laptops. The vision behind Appointed Co. speaks for itself, “A beautiful work environment fosters creativity, productivity and overall well-being.” From our vantage point, it sounds like the best capsule of Vitamin C a designer could wish for – inspiration, aesthetics + functionality all rolled into one. A daily dose you say, doctor? Yes, please.

Suann, whose creative firm Simplesong Design has been inspiring us for years, hit the organizational nail on the head in developing not only the perfect notebook, but a full service line of office panache. Think we’re alone in our admiration of ruled lines + spiral-bound beauty? Think again, this kickstarter campaign reached its goal in one week folks, proving that, in the words of Song, “A notebook represents untapped potential and endless possibility“.

Chock full of delectable details, each notebook includes brass coils, rounded corners, bookcloth covers, and oh, did we mention foil-stamped insignias? Hold the presses (well, actually, let ’em roll), Suann offers the potential for a #pinchofglam on every one; now that’s a designer truly after our gilded heart. The soon-to-début collection, all made in America and inclusive of workbooks, To-Do pads, rulers, + more, is essentially the dream team of desktop décor, and like kids in a candy store, we can barely contain our excitement. Fancy yourself a piece or two? Stay tuned, the Appointed Co. web shoppe will be opening its doors in July, 2015, just in time for back-to-school (or shall we say, back-to-cool) office indulgence.

Images courtesy of Appointed Co.


Anyone that has spent more than a millisecond in our presence knows we have voracious sweet tooth. Healthy? Doubtful. Shameful? Hardly. Compounded by a weakness for subway tiles, pretty type + neon signage, we’re rendered weak-in-the-knees at the sight of any, or all, in combination. Enter San Francisco’s newish bakery-on-the-block, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a case study in calorie-laden, design perfection.

Upon opening their doors in California’s city by the bay last November, the cult following wasn’t far behind. The pâtisserie’s claim to fame, the ‘Cruffin’, described by many as the unicorn of pastries, is a hybrid of the mainstream muffin and its more sophisticated Euro cousin, le croissant. So desirable is the buttery treat, a recent burglary that left the cash register full and the recipe book empty, was dubbed the great ‘Cruffin Caper’ of 2015. Ry Stephen, co-owner and pastry chef, warns fans to be weary of potential imposters and lackluster knockoffs, meanwhile humbled that a sticky bandit thought so highly of his desired goodies.

Sweets and treats aside, the bakery’s branding is equally satisfying. Third co-owner and fellow Aussie, Aron Tzimas, set out to offer guests much more than the renowned pastries behind the case. The signature Bakehouse takeaway box, white with simple type and a gilded ‘pinch of glam’, is a stylish upgrade to the proverbial kraft packaging of yore. “We knew we wanted it to feel like you were receiving a birthday present,” touts Tzimas; if every birthday looked this good, who wouldn’t mind adding another candle to the cake?

Looking for a sinful indulgence sans the calories? Check out Mr. Holmes’ Instagram, or what we like to call ‘a direct feed to your darkest cravings’. While admiring from afar is much kinder to the age-old saying ‘A moment on the lips…’, this jewel-box bakery sits high atop our must-try list.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | 1042 Larkin Street, San Francisco, California, 94109

Images courtesy of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse.

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