November 21, 2021

For those who spent many a Saturday evening eagerly awaiting a Summerset Series update in recent months, I raise a glass in appreciation (and admiration, really) for staying the course in the high spirit of interiors, design and witty home renovation commentary. As weeks crept by and the finish line for Phase One dangled like a carrot on the Newport horizon, your messages, inquiries and good-natured humor were warmly welcomed, thank you.

Somewhere in the early stages of starting this process, I heard an interior designer comment that one should design a home for oneself, not for the guests that drop by on occasion. Simple as it may sound, it’s downright brilliant really. In the sacred land of real estate, where a tally of bed and bath rooms rules supreme, the notion led me to do the unthinkable – au revoir second guest bedroom, hello cozy-as-hell den.

While on the subject of brilliance, the Brits have institutionalized a term for the very space I was determined to emulate, the ‘snug‘. Defined by a fellow island culture as a small room which oozes warmth and coziness, who wouldn’t relinquish twelve square feet of closet space, not to mention a realtor’s scorn, in favor of a room purposely designed for naps, reading, sipping coffee or a cocktail, and intimate chats with your nearest and dearest. Visions of beadboard clad walls, a cozy Chesterfield chock full of cushions and a moody paint palette kept me awake at night.

Insert Heidi, whose own ‘Cabin + The Snug‘ project on an opposing coast was already a design sensation, having captured the eyes of editors and enthusiasts alike. Having hit the wall on color selections and a paint schedule deadline looming large, I booked a session on the freshly launched platform The Expert, confident Heidi’s eye was exactly what I needed to nail down the details on this oh-so-daring den. The result, a room drenched in saturated and sultry Studio Green, and the rest we’ll say is history.

Inspired to create your own cozy space destined for morning meditation or reading the Sunday Times? All the ingredients for The Den, along with other Summerset spaces, including The Green Room and The Primary Bath in one easy-to-find location.

Inspiration Sources: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08


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