October 18, 2020

Between political discord, catastrophic environmental conditions + a global pandemic all with an unrelenting grip on America, one might say our country is in a state of disarray. We have the power to change the spiral – we can knock the current course off its axis and create a new trajectory for generations to come. I carry no political agenda here, but rather, deep respect for the fundamental principles of freedom upon which our country was founded. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War in pursuit of liberty and a belief that our country have the opportunity to write its own chapter. I vote to carry on their legacy in a display of patriotism. No matter the color of your skin, gender affiliation, religious beliefs or socioeconomic status, each vote carries equal weight; it’s the most universally equal opportunity we have as Americans. I sincerely hope you will get out there and do the same, whether in person or by mail, make your vote count.


Cozy corners. | (@ritakonig |

Beauty in every bite. (@boltcoffeeco)

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Put a ribbon on it. (@emiliebonaventure)

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Life’s too short, ruffle feathers. (@demyleeny)

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