April 3, 2013

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It’s no secret that when we’re looking to inject a little pep in our step, we head straight to our favorite footwear designer, Loeffler Randall. With products described as ‘a mix of refined sophistication and downtown cool’, our closet is testament to the success of this rising fashion house. As those in the creative world well know, brand identity is undeniably as important as any product itself. When we uncovered the team behind the branding of our best-loved kicks, we nearly did a two-step in sheer excitement.

RoAndCo, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tribeca, took great strides to create an aesthetic that captures the heart of this contemporary lifestyle brand. A clean type treatment, with notes of effortless style in both print and online media, result in a finished package that complements the product with equal parts poise and panache. And from where we stand, the signature pale pink box, kissed with a golden logo, couldn’t more perfectly emulate our own design philosophy here at The Gilded Lobster, classic style with a pinch of glam.

All images courtesy of RoAndCo. 

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