May 2, 2020

If one were to describe our recent mélange at our partner ‘gram Around the Pound, it affectionately matches our current mood, neutral. In our world too, most days seemingly blend together, complemented with increasing certainty that there’s a silver lining – brighter days are decidedly ahead. In the interim, we’re embracing the snail’s pace at which life is moving, an unprecedented opportunity to pause + appreciate the smallest details that so often get missed during regularly-scheduled programming. There are those anxiously pursuing a return to the rapid rate at which the world previously operated. For us, a return to life at a slower speed is an unforeseen catalyst to reimagine everything.


Accentuated form. (@helmutlang | @rogercoll_krasznai)

A stitch in time. (@therow | @hollieward_)

The bee’s knees in PPE. (@annarosakrau)

End of the line. (Erich Borchert, 1928 | @designmuseumgent)

Holiday hopes + dreams. (@alice_gao)

Pattern power play. (@loefflerrandall | @academytiles)

Snail mail sentiments. (@yolo.journal)

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