April 5, 2014


Despite our daily immersion in a vast oasis of hues, occasionally a creative mind requires a simple color cleanse to clear the senses and visually start anew. Like the perfectly placed intermezzo dancing between courses, April preps the palette for a lighter wardrobe, food picked fresh from the garden, and warm sunset walks along the shore.

It’s been a mighty winter in New England, chock full of biting temps and plentiful precipitation. Having had more than our fill of these Northeast notes, we decided to transition into the first full month of Spring in true TGL fashion, by heading straight to the Golden State. One of our favorite destinations, California was the ideal locale to thaw out our toes, soak in some rays, and spend quality time with our west coast pallies.

This vacation was especially memorable, marked by a very early call with breaking news from the Captain – our ongoing quest for the perfect getaway house had finally drawn to a close, our patience and fortitude having served us well. So as we spend the month of April dotting our contract “i’s” and crossing our real estate “t’s”, we couldn’t be more excited about the proverbial blank slate ahead. Join us in the coming weeks as we roll up our cuffs and pop open the bubbly, we’d love to have you.

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