March 1, 2014


As much as we love winter, there comes a time when it’s only fitting to bid adieu. When daydreams of warm summer rays, cool ocean breezes and salty fresh air creep in to send comfort food and cashmere packing. For us, (and undoubtedly for countless others,) the arrival of March brings with it a desire for the winter heaviness to melt away into a renaissance of sights, sounds, and simple pleasures. From raffia and straw to kraft and cotton, we’re yearning for all things natural, sun-bleached and satisfyingly sweet.

A ‘tasting’ menu of what’s on our plate this month…

| inspire |

Eyes and ears open at this talk, because nothing says love like a vintage Valentine.

| dine |

A birthday month to fête the Captain offers the perfect occasion to welcome a new addition.

| wear |

In pursuit of a ‘lil ‘pep in our step’, adding not one, but two pairs to our warm weather wardrobe.

| desktop |

Watch out penpals, stalk alert your postman! We’re sending out snail mail in the cutest form.

| art |

The countdown commences, a commissioned piece to soon call our own!

 Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

2 Responses to “PRECIOUS OBJECTS | MARCH 2014”

  1. jane says:

    that notepad is perfection. need a set for my own pen-pal writing and list making.

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