November 2, 2015


The arrival of November means the hustle + bustle of holiday cheer is nearly already here. Soon we’ll be baking + wrapping, addressing + stamping. Before we start making our lists + checking them twice, we’re reminding ourselves to savor the quiet calm that comes before the joyous storm.

We dare to say, Christmas came early to the Gilded Getaway House, with a sparkly new kitchen well on its way to making a golden debut. All that remains is layering in the delectable details, including these vintage door handles, perfectly patinated + weathered with stories. Undoubtedly, it will be a place to host those we love for holidays + years to come; the best kind of gift, as we all know, is one that keeps on giving.

Always inspired by our coastal roots, we’ve developed a new appreciation for all things ‘knotty’ as we try our hand at traditional seamanship of the most beautiful kind. And rounding out the mix, inspiration for a project we’ve got simmering at TGL, textured + wooly, preferably aran + seasoned with the touch of the ocean.

You can find more of our TGL Precious Objects here, where we welcome you to join in the inspirational fun with a simple tag, #tglpreciousobjects. Curate the little things that make your heart skip a beat, no collection too small, nor imagination too grand. Au contraire, it’s the mix of high + low, old + new, that makes each object + story truly ‘youer than you‘.

 Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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