March 28, 2021


While postings here have, shall we say, fallen a bit off course of late, behind the scenes renovations at Summerset have been moving ahead like the little engine that could. I dare even consider, we may be entering the proverbial ‘home stretch’ of Phase One. Have I mentioned there’s a Part Deux to this project we haven’t even touched on yet? One that includes knock-down demo, excavation and a new build so contested by a neighbor, let’s just say, I spent months honing my negotiating skills to earn favorable approval by the infamous Newport zoning board. I’ll save more on that story (and the new construction) for later, after a restock on the side of sanity + a much needed summer sabbatical to catch my breath.

In the interim, I promise to continue with more delectable details and room-by-room inspiration boards like those shared here and here; I love creating them as much as many of you enjoy pouring over them. And let’s be honest, despite how it may appear on the ‘Gram, where cheeky commentary and whimsical tunes paint a pretty picture for your Saturday night entertainment, not all of this process has been lollipops and rainbows.

Admittedly, I hit the design wall a couple of times, leaned into The Expert and emerged on the other side thankfully re-inspired and ready to take action. That process in and of itself deserves its very own post, because no matter your experience or know-how, acknowledging when to ask for help and working with a designer you trust can be the difference between completing a paint schedule or pouring another glass of wine.

A change of season appears to be right around the corner here in New England, we’ll be celebrating by wrapping up Phase One in coming weeks, throwing open our new French doors to the sights and sounds of Spring and layering in the touches that make any renovation uniquely personal. If you’re with us for the long haul, thanks for sticking around. And if you’re ready to jump ship, I totally get that too – some days I’m right there with you (insert wink).

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