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Let’s set the record straight, a business trip that routes you + your passport to the City of Light, should hardly be considered business. This February, the official month of love + affection, had us pining for a Precious Objects post dedicated to all things French stemming from our recent sojourn to the capital of romance, Pa-reeeeeee. France, a country where a passion for its people (and don’t forget the pastries) runs as deep as the sea, does not disappoint when it comes to inspiration.

The prized jewel of our souvenirs, a pair of antique Kaléidoscope lithographs snagged at the renowned Marché aux Puces. Circa 1925, by French artist Maurice Pillard Verneuil, the colors are vibrant, and in our mind, as radiant as the day the were pulled off the presses; patterns so relevant and fresh, (cue the J.Crew F/W ’16 Collection + this retro pantsuit), they beg for the tagline, ‘ahead of their time’. If you followed along on our #tgltravels, you may recall our discovery instant love affair with French-based eyewear brand, Jimmy Fairly. If Warby + Toms had a lovechild, JF would surely be it. Stylish + affordable, philanthropic + adorable. Who needs cliché keychains when you can bring sophisticated sunnies home in your carryon? Looking for a place to rest your head in a manner all-things-chic? Head straight to Hôtel Bachaumont in the 2ème, where a recent refresh brought this boutique hotel back to modern magnificence. (Much more on that still to come, because you know we love a renovation that leaves discerning travelers with nothing less than a win-win in lodging and accommodation.)

Last, but most certainly not least, our favorite Francophile back in the states. Clare Vivier, whose adoration for Parisian charm leaves no outfit untouched when it comes to accessorizing in style. CV’s new Madras Weave mini screams ‘spirit of the summer’ – we’re already mentally making outfits with this cutie of a clutch in tow. Now if we could just rid the Northeast of these ridiculously beyond-freezing temps…

The Delectable Details

 Kaleidoscope Lithographs | Vintage

Sunglasses | Jimmy Fairly

Madras Wallet Clutch | Clare V.

 Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


2016, why, hello. You arrived so quickly that we’re only just wrapping our minds around the fact that you’re already here. With the arrival of another year comes a flurry of inspiration – a fresh new calendar, crisp pages in the planner, travels on the horizon + projects in the queue. With our first post of #tglpreciousobjects to officially ring in 2016 here at Around the Pound, we couldn’t be more anxious to curate a few of the delectable details that have us churning with excitement.

As a designer, the search for a desktop calendar can be a daunting task. Aesthetics, functionality. Aesthetics, functionality. We’re quite certain there are those in the universe that satisfy the quest for both, yet this year, we decided to throw in the towel and vote for good looks. The winner, a gorgeously crafted beauty from Charleston-based 42 Pressed. Like the most delicious of cakes, layer upon layer of copper-foiled goodness, enveloped in a bevy of mellow hues that make for a palate so refreshing, you’ll never want to dream in color again. For keeping tabs on meetings and appointments on-the-go, Louis Vuitton wins the award for simplistic agenda style, their pint-sized refills up the ante when it comes to portable panache. That adorable little LV hangtag? We’re secretly stashing in our cache of paper lovelies, because, yes, the secret’s out, we have one of those, and undoubtedly, we’d dare to venture that you probably do too.

As the days start rolling and we find ourselves knee-deep in new initiatives, we resolve to remember the value of time. Aesthetics and frivolity aside, the calendar serves as a reminder to savor each moment, live each day to the fullest, and let the small stuff fall to the wayside. Unlike doggy bags from your favorite eatery, calendar days can’t be saved for later. Time is too precious to be treated as anything less, our wish for you is to make the most of yours.

The Delectable Details

Hello Folded Note | Dahlia Press

Linen Swatches | Serena & Lily

Travel Pouch + Mechanical Pencil | Delfonics

Agenda Refill | Louis Vuitton

Die Cut Calendar | 42 Pressed

Trench + Stripes | Céline Resort

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



Two weeks in and it’s already been a December to remember. Fresh off the heels of a Gilded Getaway, including a ‘lil bit of fête, and a whole ‘lotta jubilee, this month is looking to be one for the record books. Yes, we’re still making our list and checking it twice, thankfully no one’s been naughty, which makes gifting quite nice! Dear Santa, if you’re reading, we’ve been an awful good girl, simply follow the cookie crumbs business cards we’ve left all a’scatter. Small in scale, yet big on charm, anything from these boutiques will do just fine when it comes to stuffing the stockings hung by the fire.

As we round the corner to the close of the year, there’s blessings to count, miles to travel and pallies to greet. And while we have a profound proclivity for a life on-the-go, there’s something to be said for dropping anchor and finding the perfect place to call home at the holidays. In the words of our snail mail festive greeting, “From cottage to cabin, and coast to coast, sending holiday cheer to those we love and cherish the most”.

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



When we first met the team behind Stitch Design Co., 9 Cannon St. was their home, it was a two-man lady operation, their talents freshly tapped. Fast forward more years than can be counted on a single hand – they’ve moved on to bigger & brighter digs, the team has expanded and anyone with a pulse on design knows this crew is crème-de-la-crème when it comes to all things branding + creative. Co-founders Courtney Rowson + Amy Pastre have been behind several of our projects, most recently (circa 2012) having developed all of the visual gilded goodness you see here at TGL. Hence, it goes without saying, our respect runs deep for this dynamic duo and the bustling studio they’ve created in sweet ‘lil Charleston. We’re voyaging down to their city in the South this time next week for a few days of r + r (yes, secret’s out, a shiny new Gilded Getaway Guide is soon-to-debut!), so we thought it only fitting to highlight some of our favorite Stitch projects as we pack our bags, practice our Southern drawl and head for the Lowcountry .

With countless awards + accolades aplenty, (our very own TGL brand mark included here + here,) the work of Stitch Design Co. resoundingly speaks for itself. From spot-on type to hand drawn illustrations, not to mention an unrivaled passion for unconventional materials, these design darlings are truly masters of the mix. You name it, they’ve most likely letterpressed it, printed on it, or in the very least, considered it. We encourage you to take a deep dive into their portfolio, go ahead, pour yourself a cocktail, spend some time up close and personal, and walk away from your screen feeling fully inspired. Fancy yourself a design junkie? Step right up to their online Dribble, pint-sized doses of new work in the queue, certain to satisfy the darkest of design cravings. Oh, and lest we forget, they also have a side gig, aka Sideshow Press, because surely every A-list design studio needs a playground for homegrown products oozing with style, craftsmanship and playful panache.

Have a project of your own that needs some aesthetic punch or creative pizazz? Give the ladies a ring and tell ’em we sent you. Or better yet, happen to be in their ‘hood? Drop by + simply say hello, Southern hospitality is real y’all, and Stitch lives by the golden rule when it comes to delivering Charleston charm.

Stitch Design Co. | 121 Wentworth | Charleston SC

All images courtesy of Stitch Design Co.


The arrival of November means the hustle + bustle of holiday cheer is nearly already here. Soon we’ll be baking + wrapping, addressing + stamping. Before we start making our lists + checking them twice, we’re reminding ourselves to savor the quiet calm that comes before the joyous storm.

We dare to say, Christmas came early to the Gilded Getaway House, with a sparkly new kitchen well on its way to making a golden debut. All that remains is layering in the delectable details, including these vintage door handles, perfectly patinated + weathered with stories. Undoubtedly, it will be a place to host those we love for holidays + years to come; the best kind of gift, as we all know, is one that keeps on giving.

Always inspired by our coastal roots, we’ve developed a new appreciation for all things ‘knotty’ as we try our hand at traditional seamanship of the most beautiful kind. And rounding out the mix, inspiration for a project we’ve got simmering at TGL, textured + wooly, preferably aran + seasoned with the touch of the ocean.

You can find more of our TGL Precious Objects here, where we welcome you to join in the inspirational fun with a simple tag, #tglpreciousobjects. Curate the little things that make your heart skip a beat, no collection too small, nor imagination too grand. Au contraire, it’s the mix of high + low, old + new, that makes each object + story truly ‘youer than you‘.

 Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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