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Lynn and Lawrence

Lynn & Lawrence, the textile brand-child from Jessica Lynn + Simon Lawrence, couldn’t be more fittingly suited to a life by the sea. The duo, one from Manhattan, the other Yorkshire, model their knitted beanies from the traditional handknit fisherman’s woolly. Lovingly crafted from some of our favorite fibers (alpaca and wool), each piece is a nod to the pair’s fondness for all things casual and coastal (sea and surfing to be exact). ‘Cousteau’ and ‘Sailor conjure images of off-shore expeditions from decades past, charming chaps and dashing lads reeling in the daily catch in effortless fashion. As if their simplistic beauty wasn’t motive enough, each piece is delicately tagged + numbered, and comes with a limited-edition zine, Autumn Toast, packaged in a cute-as-a-button ticking pouch. Accessories of the jewelry sort more your thing? The pair also offers a smattering of handmade gems, each classically nautical with a pinch of glam, just the way we like ’em.

Images courtesy of Lynn & Lawrence.

Summer rays may be fading, but we’re still dreaming about the most adorable shoppe under the Tuscan sun, i visionari. High atop our Gilded Guide of Florentine faves, and part of the Unusual Florence retail collective, this eyeware shoppe deserves some extra time in the golden spotlight.






Unusual Florence

Owned by a brother & sister duo, i visionari strives to offer customers glasses from the most creative and inspiring personalities in the field of vision. Their business credo, ‘we specialize in stealing hearts and eyes’, couldn’t be more spot on;  a 20/20 approach, meticulous merchandising and product oh-so stylishly sweet… all the ingredients for love at first sight. And for those of you unable to visit their shoppe in the charming San Frediano district of Florence, stop by their online boutique, we guarantee it to be a delight for design eyes.

Images courtesy of i visionari and Unusual Florence.


August 19, 2013




Growing up in New England, penny loafers were a style staple, alongside Boat & Totes, cable knit sweaters and the Preppy Handbook.  So, when we discovered Benjo’s and their collection of fashion pennies, we simply couldn’t resist adding our own two cents. The perfect blend of old school prep and modern street chic, our hearts soar at the notion of adding a pinch of glam to a classic silhouette. With hues like Sherbet and Wet Canary, we highly recommend diving deep into your piggy bank and stocking up on all your favorites; when that adorable little package arrives, you’ll know it was a wise investment.

Images courtesy of Benjo’s.

Jenica Necklace Orly Genger

Roxbury Necklaces Orly Genger

Eve Bracelet Orly Genger

Celia Bangles Orly Genger

Roxbury Necklace Orly Genger

Katrin Necklaces Orly Genger

Katrin Necklace Orly Genger

When it comes to style on the high seas, we sail straight to the designs of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer. Forever tugging at our nautical heartstrings, the S/S 13 collection strikes gold with a treasure trove of crush-worthy details- innovative styling, a fresh color palette, and a pinch of glam (yes metallic clasps, we’re looking at you). Season after season we fall deeper in love with this design duo and their refined mastery of turning an otherwise utilitarian material into statement pieces worthy of every sailor’s attention.

Images courtesy of Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer.


April 3, 2013

LR Logo

LR Overview

LR Overview 02

LR Bag Overview


It’s no secret that when we’re looking to inject a little pep in our step, we head straight to our favorite footwear designer, Loeffler Randall. With products described as ‘a mix of refined sophistication and downtown cool’, our closet is testament to the success of this rising fashion house. As those in the creative world well know, brand identity is undeniably as important as any product itself. When we uncovered the team behind the branding of our best-loved kicks, we nearly did a two-step in sheer excitement.

RoAndCo, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Tribeca, took great strides to create an aesthetic that captures the heart of this contemporary lifestyle brand. A clean type treatment, with notes of effortless style in both print and online media, result in a finished package that complements the product with equal parts poise and panache. And from where we stand, the signature pale pink box, kissed with a golden logo, couldn’t more perfectly emulate our own design philosophy here at The Gilded Lobster, classic style with a pinch of glam.

All images courtesy of RoAndCo. 

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