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We first laid eyes on a piece by O&G Studio in early 2014 and like any design junkie, have been following their work ever since. Hunkered down at The Dean during an epic New England blizzard, the Aquinnah chair in our cozy room stood tall and proud like a Renaissance statue, and when we departed, thoughts of her lingered like a long-lost love.

Based in the coastal enclave of Warren, Rhode Island, O&G Studio has already captured the attention of the design world with a modern approach to a deeply rooted (not to mention local) tradition of craftsmanship. Founded by Sara Ossana and Jonathan Glatt, RISD alum with a mutual passion and respect for traditional American design, the duo has continued the legacy of Rhode Island’s fine furniture heritage well into the 21st century.

Out of their ‘lil Rhody studio, Ossana and Glatt bring life to classic silhouettes with subtle details and a rich palette of hues plucked from Mother Nature’s native influence. Meticulously crafted in a style the duo describes ‘at once sophisticated and relaxed,’ we couldn’t agree more. Personally, we’re partial to the ‘Atlantic’ collection of settees and chairs, a soft enveloping profile reminiscent of a warm embrace on a chilly night in the Northeast. Not in the market to furnish your home? Enjoy the beauty of O&G Studio at some of our favorite nearby eateries, Little Moss and Bywater, where the food and seating are equally enticing.

If you’re in the ‘hood, drop by their showroom, open Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment.

O&G Studio | 30 Cutler St., Ste. 220 | Warren, RI 02885

All images courtesy of O&G Studio.


Summer is in full swing at the Gilded Getaway House, which means a rotating guest list of family and friends. Some come for a day, others stay for a week, and most all never want to leave. More than three years ago, we set out to create a cozy, coastal retreat; slowly, and layer upon layer, Summerset has become a seaside haven – quintessential New England at its core, with a nod to life in the City-by-the-Sea. Sweet and subtle details have become our favorite addition, the finishing touches that make a house a home. This month, our #tglpreciousobjects are a collection of recent additions and in the spirit of hospitality, we’re spilling the beans on some of our go-to resources.

Delectable Details

Vintage Brass Rope Hooks | Hardware Etc. Antiques

Antique Shell Engraving | Antique Print Store

Brass Clam Box, Coral + Vintage Rattan Tray | Picked Home

Eat Drink Nap | Soho House

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

When prepping for a Gilded Getaway Guide, there’s a substantial amount of legwork that goes into building an itinerary. Infrequently do we simply succumb to the powers that be – there’s recommendations we’ve collected, articles we’ve bookmarked and tear sheets we’ve filed away for that special moment when the flights are booked and the bags are packed. With our recent trip to New Orleans, we had a hearty list of hotspots, mostly eateries (because yes, we love to eat), a scheduled tour, and a mere handful of shoppes that had been on our radar. For our final list, head to our recent post, capturing the best of our time in The Big Easy and what we considered to be the gold standard in this southern city.

Tucked at the bend of Magazine St. in the Lower Garden District, Sunday Shop was worth the walk at the end of a long and hot, (did we mention hot?) day in NOLA. In their own words, “Sunday Shop is a carefully curated lifestyle shop led by a team of approachable and knowledgeable interior designers.” Carefully curated? How ’bout darn near perfect. Katie Logan Leblanc and Jensen Killen, the design duo behind Logan Killen Interiors have mastered the mix in their relatively new retail space, complete with a courtyard and an offering of coffee.

Perhaps it’s the French influence on La Nouvelle-Orléans, but there is definitely a certain je ne sais quoi of interior inspiration unfolding at Sunday Shop. For the owners, they wanted a shoppe that would house all of their favorite things – an extension of their interior design studio, not to mention a perfect vehicle for clients and interior enthusiasts to add the finishing touch to any room. Lucky for us, the result mimics a laundry list of our own highly-desired brands and wares.  Just the right amount of vintage, with a dash of southern sophistication – antique rugs and textiles, furniture and furnishings, apothecary too. Meticulously merchandised like a well-outfitted home, these ladies have a vision that warrants a stiff dose of anti-desire. Cursed by the carryon, we left with only a vintage stoneware bowl, and a wishlist a mile long.

In need of inspiration? Check out their ‘grams, a photo reel not only of wares in shop, but also enviable environments and fun-filled frivolity. Interiors more your fancy? Spend some time at Logan Killen Interiors, whose work must just provide the perfect excuse for your very own Gilded Getaway House in the Garden District.


Our Sunday Shop Wishlist:

Antique French Escargot Plates to make the Captain’s favorite dish.

19th c. French Bread Board to raise the bar on cocktail hour charcuterie.

African Kuba Cloth to add to our collection of historical textiles.

Ukrainian Bed Coverlet for keeping warm on chilly New England nights.

Vintage Quilt for summer picnics in the City-by-the-Sea.


Sunday Shop | 2025 Magazine St. | New Orleans, LA 70130

All images courtesy of Sunday Shop and Logan Killen Interiors. 


August 21, 2015


In case it wasn’t written across the wall, we’re crazy-in-love with textiles here at TGL. From fisherman knits to macrame and handwoven tapestries, we love it all. So anytime there’s an opportunity to roll out the red carpet and feature one of our favorite genres on Around the Pound, we pop out the bubbly + raise our hands to the roof.

Fresh off the heels of NYNow, we’re positively smitten with the soon-to-debut collection from Aussie studio, Walter G. Specializing in hand block-printed textiles from India, the design duo behind the brand works tirelessly to create lived-in, artisanal product that is neither mass-produced, nor trend driven. For those unfamiliar with this earliest form of printed textile design, may we kindly introduce ‘cliff-notes’ for block-printing 101.

The slowest and simplest of all textile printing methods, block-printing is easily identifiable for its desirable irregularities and beautiful blemishes. A design is first drawn on a wooden block, (one block for each unique color in a design), and then carved by hand. Once each block is fully carved, some with additional pieces of brass or copper added for capturing finer patterns and intricate details, the printer is ready to start the printing process. Color is applied to the block and pressed firmly on to the surface of the cloth, striking the block with Popeye strength and a steady hand. Pins in the corner of each block enable the printer to register each new application cleanly, avoiding breaks in the pattern, a Goliath no-no in the world of textile printing. Block after block, the full length of fabric is printed, then dried and washed. Some variations to the process apply, depending on desired effects and design ingenuity. Paired with this pretty visual from Walter G, you get the picture, this is A LOT of work ladies and gents. These fabrics are the fruit of hard labor, loving hands and we’re certain some sweat (preferably not tears), making them some of the most sought-after (and splurge-worthy) textiles in the world of interiors. 

Genevieve and Lauren’s designs are relaxed and playful, skillfully designed to marry well with the process at hand. Fancy a pillow here, or table linens there? Walter G products are available in their online shoppe and like the best companions, travel well to countries near and far. Contemplating applications on a grander scale? Fabric yardage is available through trade partners around the globe, we dare you to #goforthegold, your nooks and crannies every upholstered surface will thank you.

Images courtesy of Walter G.


Having fallen slightly behind the blogging eight ball at the end of last year, this is one post we simply had to complete. For those who’ve been following along at Around the Pound, you may remember our pre-holiday jaunt to Ontario, Canada. Never having skipped out on Turkey Day festivities here in the States, we knew that uprooting tradition needed to be adequately adventurous and equally fulfilling. When Christine, (the creative genius behind noteworthy shoppe Love the Design, not to mention one of the must-see spots in our Toronto Guide), captured the scene at Prince Edward County’s newest hotel, the stage had been set, we had found our spot.

Nestled along the lakeside coastline of small town Wellington, and a palatable drive from Toronto and Quebec, the Drake Devonshire makes for a perfect getaway. The younger sibling to Toronto’s revered hipster hangout, the Drake Hotel, the Drake Devonshire, aptly nicknamed ‘Drake by the Lake‘, offers guests a harmonious blend of contemporary cool and farmhouse chic. The premise, once an iron foundry, now a boutique hotel featuring a handful of rooms + two breathtaking suites, greets guests with welcome reprieve from the city grind and a warm embrace (it is after all, smack in the middle of PEC’s notorious wine country).

The interior decor, reminiscent of a lakeside cottage from decades past, understatedly updated with custom furnishings, magnificent millwork, and Brimfield finds, offers guests all the comforts of home. Those MacAusland’s woolen blankets in the softest of palettes and handwoven on antique Canadian looms? We loved them so much we customized a Summerset version to cut through the chill of our own coastal nights.

Last, but most certainly not least, the onsite restaurant, featuring farm and lake-to-table cuisine, hits the culinary mark. Killer cocktails, awesome entrees and the sweetest of scones we still have dreams of, offer a recipe for success; our traditional Thanksgiving meal (and the next, and the next) couldn’t have been more wonderfully and tastefully replaced.

In a successful twist on modern glamping (minus the bugs and brimming with beaucoup style), it’s no wonder this indie hotel hotspot was recently touted on Travel & Leisure’s Hotel Hot List. Book your own stay and see for yourself; we can’t wait to return in warmer temps… roasting s’mores by the campfire, winery hopping around Wellington and riding bikes through the countryside. A late winter escape more your style? They do that too, be an ‘indoor indulger‘, i.e., cozy up by the fire, glass of wine in hand, and enjoy the view, the water’s cold, but the vibe is warm.

Drake Devonshire | 24 Wharf St., Wellington, Canada.

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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