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June 16, 2014


Since Summerset entered into our journey, we’ve found that no matter the miles between us and its walls, a slice of our thoughts is perpetually tethered to the City-By-the-Sea. This weekend past was spent with one of our nearest + dearest Pallies-in-Design, Letter From Brooklyn, galavanting about our beloved coastal communities closer to home. However, tucked ever so slightly behind inspiring shoppes and delicious eateries were images of life at the Gilded Getaway, which to date, has yielded nothing less than scintillating scenery (why hello, ombré ocean).

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



Some of life’s sweetest pleasures are the ‘pinch-me’ moments when one can’t help but pause and reflect. The past few weeks at Summerset, our newly named getaway, have been a chain of those thoughts, strung together like cafe lights twinkling in the night. Renovations to date have been a palatable blend of creative DIY and professional prowess, and with a fresh coat of paint going on as we speak, the proverbial blank canvas makes for an interior feast.

With each passing project, our sweet coastal abode is slowly starting to take shape. The floors, original to the house and dating back to the fifties, serve as architectural eye candy with a welcoming embrace. In contrast to nail guns, plaster and the lumber du jour, newly commissioned artwork from a textile artist is well underway. This fiber master renders us weak in the knees with her vision of classically nautical with a TGL ‘pinch of glam’.  

The season of fun-in-the-sun has fully arrived, and while this pretty ‘lil lady is far from ready to make her debut, we like to think she’s adjusting quite nicely. Welcome to The Summerset Series, pint-sized servings of life on the coast, which we promise will be (like our credo at Around the Pound), occasionally golden, always deliciously creative.



The story of The Dean is one for the ages. You know the type, each layer revealed is more gritty and juicier than the ones before. The landmark building, erected in 1912 as an Episcopal refuge for the city’s downtrodden, fell to a life less holy when strippers and hookers moved in for what some might call ‘a religious intervention’. Fast forward to recent times, when Ari Heckman, a homegrown native of the capital city, envisioned a classier chapter for this Downcity haunt.

Heckman, founder and CEO of Brooklyn design firm ASH NYC, partnered with other ‘Rhody’ investors, and set out to transform the storied facade into a 52-room getaway for Northeast hipsters, Ivy League parents and jetsetters alike. The result, a boutique hotel marked by a colorful past and upgraded with swoon-worthy accents, achieves the academically sought-after perfect score. From custom-made light fixtures by way of Vermont, to steel desks and bed frames courtesy of the local Steel Yard, The Dean’s arrival is a nod to the region’s creme-de-la-creme in interior design and artistic craftsmanship. Forever faithful to our textile roots, we’re head-over-heels for the Maine-made Brahms Mount blankets, woven exclusively to ward off deep winter chills in the heart of New England. And requisite of any establishment hosting the chicest of travelers, a signature scent crafted just for The Dean by everyone’s favorite perfumer.

As one might expect, the details are many, meticulously curated and strategically placed. Outfitted like the finest of English dandies, the hotel has tones of old-school prep, matured and evolved for life’s next step. Vintage furnishings sourced from home and abroad? Check. Antique rugs on aged wood floors? Check. Blue velvet couches for lazy lounging? Check. Ebony wainscoting and brass fixtures galore? Check and check. The list is long, and oh so sweet.

As if the property wasn’t happenin’ enough, three in-house hotspots are soon to debut: Faust – a biergarten in the grandest of German tradition, The Magdalenae – a cocktail lounge helmed by Providence’s most notable barman, and The Boombox – a private karaoke bar for wild nights and impromptu sing-offs. And for those of you who prefer to let loose in the company of pastries and pour-overs,  The Dean is home to a mean cup ‘o joe, which we dare to attest, 100% challenges the best of the west.

The Dean | 122 Fountain Street | Providence . RI | dial 401.455.DEAN

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster and The Dean.


February 22, 2014


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A hop, skip and a jump from New York, and a mere stone’s throw from Boston, this capital city is oft overlooked as a destination in the Northeast Corridor. Blustery blizzard conditions aside (winter is still alive and kicking in our parts), we recently laced up our ‘Beans’ and set out in gilded pursuit of giving getaway credit where credit is due.

Small in scale, but large in character, not to mention home to Ivy League traditions and artistic hopefuls, Providence is quietly tip-toeing into the travel spotlight. Case in point, a boutique hotel, hip by Brooklyn standards, but refined enough for classic New England taste, recently opened its doors, bringing with it design excellence, a top-notch barista, and most importantly, what we hope to be a fresh and progressive attitude.

At a glance, this guide is weighted toward a seasoned palate, with a hearty catch of culinary gems to satisfy the most discerning of cravings. Our shoppe picks are few and far between (or neat and tidy for those partial to the glass half full), as we pride ourselves in including only those establishments we consider to be the gold standard in creative ingenuity. Since sparsity is not our style, we navigated the course for alternative inspiration, uncovering works of art from some of our favorite masters, a used bookstore for hours of browsing (and for those of you who like us, occasionally judge a book by its cover), and cobblestone streets weathered with historical secrets we can only imagine.

The Ocean State is near and dear to our heart, and while we’re most smitten with its coastal parts, this city is about unchartered waters and entrepreneurial pursuits. Be sure to check back at Around the Pound, when we delve deeper into a Providence makeover of epic proportions, where second and third chances are proof that with a little vision, and a pinch (okay, more like a dash) of manpower, even the unlikeliest of characters can have a golden debut.


March 4, 2013



Watch out cliche cupcakes and designer donuts, there’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is churros. We cherish things that make our heart skip a beat Around the Pound, including sweet indulgences, an entrepreneur pursuing his/her dream, and a passion for detail, especially design details. Hence, you can imagine our excitement when Lorca opened its doors in our coastal enclave earlier this year.

The creation of Leyla Dam, an architect by trade, dessert-lover at heart, Lorca proves that culinary talent and design aesthetics can go hand-in-hand. Designing the space herself, Leyla left no surface untouched by her discerning eye. From the Marrakech Dandelion tiles she imported from Spain to accentuate the countertops, to the brass chandelier she designed and had custom built for the lofty interior, we’re simply as smitten with the space as the showcased menu offerings.

Whether you choose your Handsome Coffee Roasters coffee in the form of a single-origin pour-over, or a creamy latte beautifully crafted by a talented barista, be certain to order a side of churros. Leyla, who was born in Spain and grew up in Fairfield County, returned to Seville in pursuit of crafting a perfectly fried treat in honor of her European heritage. Made-to-order, and served with your choice of dipping sauce (we highly recommend the dulce de leche), Lorca’s churros are the perfect complement to the best cup ‘o joe we’ve scouted north of the Big Apple.

Next time you’re in the area, stop by and say hello; we’re certain Leyla would love to have you.

LORCA | 125 Bedford Street | Stamford . CT | dial 203.504.2847

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