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The arrival of November means the hustle + bustle of holiday cheer is nearly already here. Soon we’ll be baking + wrapping, addressing + stamping. Before we start making our lists + checking them twice, we’re reminding ourselves to savor the quiet calm that comes before the joyous storm.

We dare to say, Christmas came early to the Gilded Getaway House, with a sparkly new kitchen well on its way to making a golden debut. All that remains is layering in the delectable details, including these vintage door handles, perfectly patinated + weathered with stories. Undoubtedly, it will be a place to host those we love for holidays + years to come; the best kind of gift, as we all know, is one that keeps on giving.

Always inspired by our coastal roots, we’ve developed a new appreciation for all things ‘knotty’ as we try our hand at traditional seamanship of the most beautiful kind. And rounding out the mix, inspiration for a project we’ve got simmering at TGL, textured + wooly, preferably aran + seasoned with the touch of the ocean.

You can find more of our TGL Precious Objects here, where we welcome you to join in the inspirational fun with a simple tag, #tglpreciousobjects. Curate the little things that make your heart skip a beat, no collection too small, nor imagination too grand. Au contraire, it’s the mix of high + low, old + new, that makes each object + story truly ‘youer than you‘.

 Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



For those new to Around the Pound (or those, like ourselves, with cloudy memory banks), back in early 2014 we kicked off a series on the blog, Precious Objects. A visual inspiration diary of sorts, the monthly series provides a canvas on which we curate a collection of bits + bobs, randoms + sentiments, papers + pretties. After a brief lengthy hiatus, we are rekindling our romance with all things visual, tactile + otherwise pleasing to the creative eye.

Fall has arrived here in New England, bringing with it a flurry of exciting changes behind-the-scenes at TGL. Our energies renewed, we thought it only fitting to get back in the Precious Objects saddle just in time to ring in the 4th quarter of 2015. We hope you’ll follow along, and maybe, just maybe, be inspired to start your own Precious Objects series. In fact, we dare you to walk away from your screens, put down your devices + exit your electronic world; sans touchscreens + trackpads, we’re fairly confident your senses and inner creative soul will thank you. Yes, you’ll need some space to house your goodies, but really, who isn’t secretly looking for an excuse to find stylish storage solutions + crazy cute catch-alls? Naturally, we know you’ll be dying to document your curations + hop right back into the big, bad virtual world, so tag your collections with our freshly created TGL hashtag, #tglpreciousobjects, and join in the fun of the newly minted Precious Objects Project, we’d love to have you.

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


Around the pound, ringing in our nation’s birth month was a happy highlight for 2014. For the past seven years, we’ve fêted our country’s independence from afar, (mind you, by from afar, we mean galavanting on the shores of Como and traversing the hills of Tuscany, so no, we’re not complaining). That said, to bask in the glow of fireworks on our own American soil felt especially sweet, made even more delightful by the fact we did so perched on a rock wall in our newly adopted City-by-the-Sea, in the dear company of family + friends.

Behind the scenes at Summerset, interior progress is in full swing. Thanks to our creative collaboration with Pallie-in-Design CFK Interiors, we’ve got delectable details coming together every way we turn. It seemed only fitting that we dedicate our July Precious Objects series to some of our favorite additions to the gilded getaway house, which is shaping up to be the perfect slice of seaside ingenuity we envisioned. Overdyed indigos, crisp linen whites, reclaimed wood and awning stripes. And because it’s our utmost goal to live life by the golden rule, an abundance of classic style with a ‘pinch of glam’.

Image courtesy of The Glided Lobster.


Almost a month has passed since our recent Far East jaunt, and truth be told, we’re just unpacking the last of our bags. While our itinerary in Asia is typically overflowing with back-to-back meetings and mile-long memos back to the States, we cordoned a pinch of time to indulge the senses in our favorite culinary hotspots and retail gems. We’re not partial to silly souvenirs or cliche keychains; in fact, we prefer to stock up on stylish wares and a plethora of inspiration.

A ‘tasting’ menu of what’s in our bag…

The cutest cord caddies you ever did see; why not wrap your wires in mini leather luxury?

Brass clips, perfect for keeping a watchful eye on sinful sweets, desktop docs + textile swatches.

Swoonworthy branding from an Urban eatery, one part design-candy, two parts delish.

Handbalm singlehandedly waging a war on dryness + packaging perfection at every altitude.

A pencil pouch of colossal collaborative proportions, straight to the point in style + function.

Kraft keepsake from a Waterhouse requisite; proof that being No. 1 has its advantages.

A Mini-Rider to tote our wares from there to here, a stateside staple with international appeal.

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


The past few weeks were a fleeting blur, as we officially ‘closed’ on an exciting new venture several months in the making. With sights set on our home-away-from-home, May is flooded with visions of crisp awning stripes in coastal blues and sandy whites.

First order of business, collaborating with a dear pallie-in-design, because on a project like this, two creatives are certainly more fun than one. There will be nods to the nautical (Newport is, after all, nicknamed America’s City by the Sea), and a pinch of glam, (if the Vanderbilts + Astors dutifully embraced the Gilded Age, it’s only fitting that so should we). While we won’t guarantee it to be the Newport grandeur of eras past, we promise our pint-sized getaway to pack a tremendous punch when it comes to seaside ingenuity.

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