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In today’s world, the constant barrage of social stimulation can, at times, feel like an oncoming tidal wave one simply can’t outswim. In those moments, we find it refreshing to engage with platforms in alternate ways that feel less a societal requirement and more a reason for personal fulfillment.

Instagram has quickly become one of our go-to sources for original creative inspiration; in the process, our ‘likes’ became a photo roll of beautiful imagery that stimulates our senses + heightens our imagination. As humans, we gravitate towards things that resonate personally, it’s what makes us unique beings and the world such a diverse + complementary community. As designers, we innately identify trend patterns in those gravitations, curated preferences that define the DNA of our personal style + taste. Welcome to the Common Thread, a collection of Insta-images which unintentionally overlapped in theme + aesthetic as they were ‘liked’, and which feed directly into our passions, preferences, and admittedly in some cases, downright cravings.

First up, ‘Scoops’, because in our world, frozen treats of the scooped + swirled sort are considered seasonless – one of life’s little pleasures decidedly worth an extra notch in the belt. We recently lost a family member, who in her passing, was remembered fondly by her loved ones for an insatiable appetite for ice cream. No meal, no matter how plentiful, was always made better by a final course of the creamy treat. If you were scooping, she was partaking. In a lifetime yes, that’s a lot of calories, but it’s also an immeasurable amount of happiness and a prescription for a life well-lived. We, too, love the fresh-from-the-creamery treat, so it wasn’t a surprise to see this theme on frequent repeat – in cups + on cones, occasionally dipped, preferably sandwiched.

All images are credited to their original Instagram source.

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