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August 21, 2015


In case it wasn’t written across the wall, we’re crazy-in-love with textiles here at TGL. From fisherman knits to macrame and handwoven tapestries, we love it all. So anytime there’s an opportunity to roll out the red carpet and feature one of our favorite genres on Around the Pound, we pop out the bubbly + raise our hands to the roof.

Fresh off the heels of NYNow, we’re positively smitten with the soon-to-debut collection from Aussie studio, Walter G. Specializing in hand block-printed textiles from India, the design duo behind the brand works tirelessly to create lived-in, artisanal product that is neither mass-produced, nor trend driven. For those unfamiliar with this earliest form of printed textile design, may we kindly introduce ‘cliff-notes’ for block-printing 101.

The slowest and simplest of all textile printing methods, block-printing is easily identifiable for its desirable irregularities and beautiful blemishes. A design is first drawn on a wooden block, (one block for each unique color in a design), and then carved by hand. Once each block is fully carved, some with additional pieces of brass or copper added for capturing finer patterns and intricate details, the printer is ready to start the printing process. Color is applied to the block and pressed firmly on to the surface of the cloth, striking the block with Popeye strength and a steady hand. Pins in the corner of each block enable the printer to register each new application cleanly, avoiding breaks in the pattern, a Goliath no-no in the world of textile printing. Block after block, the full length of fabric is printed, then dried and washed. Some variations to the process apply, depending on desired effects and design ingenuity. Paired with this pretty visual from Walter G, you get the picture, this is A LOT of work ladies and gents. These fabrics are the fruit of hard labor, loving hands and we’re certain some sweat (preferably not tears), making them some of the most sought-after (and splurge-worthy) textiles in the world of interiors. 

Genevieve and Lauren’s designs are relaxed and playful, skillfully designed to marry well with the process at hand. Fancy a pillow here, or table linens there? Walter G products are available in their online shoppe and like the best companions, travel well to countries near and far. Contemplating applications on a grander scale? Fabric yardage is available through trade partners around the globe, we dare you to #goforthegold, your nooks and crannies every upholstered surface will thank you.

Images courtesy of Walter G.

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