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Some of life’s sweetest pleasures are the ‘pinch-me’ moments when one can’t help but pause and reflect. The past few weeks at Summerset, our newly named getaway, have been a chain of those thoughts, strung together like cafe lights twinkling in the night. Renovations to date have been a palatable blend of creative DIY and professional prowess, and with a fresh coat of paint going on as we speak, the proverbial blank canvas makes for an interior feast.

With each passing project, our sweet coastal abode is slowly starting to take shape. The floors, original to the house and dating back to the forties, serve as architectural eye candy with a welcoming embrace. In contrast to nail guns, plaster and the lumber du jour, newly commissioned artwork from a textile artist is well underway. This fiber master renders us weak in the knees with her vision of classically nautical with a TGL ‘pinch of glam’.  

The season of fun-in-the-sun has fully arrived, and while this pretty ‘lil lady is far from ready to make her debut, we like to think she’s adjusting quite nicely. Welcome to The Summerset Series, pint-sized servings of life on the coast, which we promise will be (like our credo at Around the Pound), occasionally golden, always deliciously creative.


The past few weeks were a fleeting blur, as we officially ‘closed’ on an exciting new venture several months in the making. With sights set on our home-away-from-home, May is flooded with visions of crisp awning stripes in coastal blues and sandy whites.

First order of business, collaborating with a dear pallie-in-design, because on a project like this, two creatives are certainly more fun than one. There will be nods to the nautical (Newport is, after all, nicknamed America’s City by the Sea), and a pinch of glam, (if the Vanderbilts + Astors dutifully embraced the Gilded Age, it’s only fitting that so should we). While we won’t guarantee it to be the Newport grandeur of eras past, we promise our pint-sized getaway to pack a tremendous punch when it comes to seaside ingenuity.

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