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Flavor Conundrum | Bar Gelato

September 8, 2013

Bar Gelato

With evening temps dipping into the 50s here in New England, one thing is for certain, Fall is fast approaching. And while we wouldn’t trade the beauty of the Northeast in Autumn for many things, our discovery of Bar Gelato might just change our way of thinking. For those of you who followed along on our recent Gilded Roadtrip up the California coast (#gildedroadtrip), you may remember the prettiest ‘lil pop you ever did see, perfectly wrapped in simple type and scallop detailing.

Made in the San Francisco Bay-area from locally-sourced ingredients in small batches, these frozen treats are far superior to their sticky cousins of popsicles past. Visually smitten with their sweet curves staring up at us from the depths of the freezer case, the epic choice nearly resulted in a flavor conundrum. We opted for classic, à la Madagascar Vanilla, but one can be sure, we snuck more than a few tastes of the Captain’s St. George Single Malt Whiskey. And with several locations to find Bar Gelato back east on our own coast, we’ll happily bench our Fall staples of candy corn and caramel apples for a gelato indulgence any day of the week.

Image courtesy of Bar Gelato.

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