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August 7, 2020


‘The value of time’, cliche yes, and yet, so undeniably true. The past several months, respectfully void of gilded getaways, world travel and general day-to-day distractions given the state of international affairs, have afforded us the luxury of time. Time to slow down, time to focus on the things that feed us creatively and and time to enjoy the bounty granted to us by a life near the sea (our hydrangea cup runneth 10x over this season).

With demolition scheduled to commence imminently at Summerset, it’s been pencil-to-paper in an all out effort to define/refine the necessary details for our upcoming renovation. While we worked with Cordtsen Design Architecture on all structural elements of the project, the interiors were a scope of work I felt confident to navigate. Full transparency folks – I am not an interior designer by trade, but know my way around a drafting table, have 15+ years experience in the field of design, and can manage a project from concept to execution well enough to know I wasn’t biting off more than I could chew. (Not to mention, we have an amazing GC who ‘gets me’ and my penchant for perfection.)  That said, I also know things almost never go according to plan, schedules run delayed and running a tight ship when it comes to balancing budget and beauty is nonnegotiable for a successful outcome.

In celebration of breaking ground (i.e. dumpster delivery + excavation), follow along at #tglsummersetseries and dive into the ‘avant’ highlights in our insta-stories for a sneak peek at the ‘before’. I promise, not a one-eye open sort of scary.


Many people and cultures believe ‘7’ to be a lucky number, and while most would contest these beliefs to be purely matter of opinion, in the context of today’s note, I’ll roll the dice and happily join forces with Camp Seven. 2020 is our seventh ‘season’ in Newport (note: loose use of the word season because we spend considerably greater time here than between the bookends of Memorial and Labor Day). Our first Summerset Series post was just about seven years ago and today welcomes the month of July, the seventh month and the peak of prime time to be enjoying the City-by-the-Sea.

Looking back on that first post in 2014, a glow sweeps across my face remembering the feeling when we took ownership of the property, fell in love with her original floors every time we crossed the threshold (which based on this photo, many of you would back us up on that one) and embarked on the journey of turning a quaint little cottage into a coastal abode. In the years since, we’ve lovingly dressed her in all our favorite shades of blue, filled her with precious treasures and most importantly, welcomed countless friends + family into every cozy corner her 1,040 square feet would allow.

Later this month, we’re scheduled to break ground on some significant renovations at the Gilded Getaway House. In 2018 we worked closely with a local Newport architect to reimagine the 1940’s house and breath new life into the space we plan to love for many more ‘seasons’ to come. After months of zoning board meetings, negotiations with neighbors and honestly, a much-needed break glass of wine to recoup from the exhaustion of it all, the time has arrived to transition from plans-on-paper to something tangible we can physically see + touch. I know many of you reading have a keen interest in design – join me as I make a brave attempt at sharing snippets of the delectable details through the process. Follow along with #tglsummersetseries for pint-sized servings, or, if like me you’re hungry for more, stick around here at Around the Pound for larger portions. Regardless where you choose to follow along, I promise the content will be occasionally golden, always deliciously creative.


Most frequently our gilded getaways and subsequent guides are driven by unwavering wanderlust. However, if we had to play favorites, the ones we secretly adore can often be pinpointed to one catalyst in particular: a rising star on the culinary circuit, a boutique hotelier obliterating the boundaries of chain brands and lackluster hospitality, or a small shoppe owner with enviable taste and a resounding eye for detail. In the case of our recent venture due west of the nation’s heartland, the later couldn’t ring more resoundingly true.

Having long been a fan of Oklahoma native Sara Kate Huff’s style from afar, the 2014 opening of her brick & mortar, Sara Kate Studios, was the driving motivation behind our newest (and soon to be launched, we promise) Gilded Getaway Guide, ‘Oklahoma City’. The shoppe, tucked along Automobile Alley just north of downtown Oklahoma City, resides proudly in a recently revitalized commercial neighborhood once bustling with industry in the capital city. Architecturally restored to pay homage to the car dealerships and commerce along Broadway in the 20s, each storefront boasts classic design elements, soaring windows and down-home American sentiment.

Like a starstruck teenager, our pulse quickened and our eyes twinkled upon crossing the threshold of the stunning shoppe. Sara Kate’s talent, which many of us have come to adore via her colorful feed, covers every inch of the space, from vintage furnishings given new life with killer textiles, (think the unlikely marriage of classic ticking and authentic moroccan rugs, united at last like long lost lovers), to curated vignettes of mercantile wares worthy of pause and admiration. Mid-century beauties, Garza Marfa gems-du-jour, and contemporary lighting (cue the Serge Mouille fan club), live harmoniously under one roof.

Even Sara Kate’s design studio, nestled off the back of the shoppe and home of her bustling interiors and styling business, is a haven for any creative maven. Layers of kilim and Beni Ourain rugs dance with Eames seating and a smashing SMEG. One might question her ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand with such an abundance of eye-candy at arm’s length. Surely not the case, as Sara Kate’s clientele have come to appreciate her mantra, “Only surround yourself with the things and people you love”.

While not everyone will pack up a case, hop on the jetway and voyage 1,500 miles for the simple pleasure of experiencing first-hand an entrepreneur’s dream, should you find yourself in the near vicinity of Oklahoma City, take a drive north on Broadway and stop in, we’re fairly certain you’ll leave overwhelmingly inspired, and perhaps, like us, with a pillow or two (or three). For those snow-bound in the midst of these never-ending winter months, drop by her online shoppe, always open, chock full of goodies and capturing a slice of the SKS sentiment.

Sara Kate Studios | 1100 N. Broadway Ave. No. 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.


Away from home, a clean room, comfortable bed, and decent food are the bare minimum required by most guests.  However, for discerning individuals looking for an experience far more fulfilling, a new wave of boutique hotels is the perfect answer to our travel prayers.

Tucked in Nolita (‘North of Little Italy’), The Nolitan, is a relative newcomer to the age-old hustle and bustle of New York City, having opened its doors in 2011. Nonetheless, this stylish hotel offers design-hungry guests the ingredients of a perfect stay- cutting-edge architecture, modern interiors, culinary comfort and an abundance of complimentary perks (including bicycle and skateboard rentals for cruising the city streets in style).

The structure itself, designed by the architectural team at Grzywinski+Pons, is testament to excellence, predicated on quality, beauty, innovation, and a rigorous approach to detail. Married with interiors by Meyers Davis, a firm renowned for its chic, modern aesthetic, The Nolitan is a recipe for design and travel success.

During a recent stay, we fell in love with this neighborhood gem, tucked among some of our favorite Nolita shoppes and eateries. The hotel’s newest culinary addition, Cantine Parisienne, went straight after our heart; nothing better than cozying up to cocktails at a Carrera marble bar, outfitted beautifully with Tolix stools and Brendan Ravenhill lighting.  A pinch of France on Kenmare Street? Mais oui!

Because The Nolitan is unquestionably too good to call our own, we’re thrilled to share the experience! Readers of Around the Pound, and fans of The Gilded Lobster, can enjoy a summer savings of 10% off The Nolitan’s best available rate, along with a late checkout of 2pm, (critical for surviving late night adventures).  To take advantage of this offer, call the hotel directly for reservations, 212.925.2555, and mention code: The Gilded Lobster (TGL).

Enjoy your stay, and be sure to share your comments on our fan page. We’d love to hear what you enjoyed most about The Nolitan (not to worry, chic lighting and tufted chesterfields are on our list too).

*Valid for travel through September 3rd, 2013. Standard 48hr cancellation applies. Offer based on availability. Blackout dates may apply. Offer may not be combined with any additional promotion.

Images courtesy of The Nolitan and The Gilded Lobster.


Bec Brittain SHY03

Bec Brittain SHY Table Lamp

Bec Brittain SHY06

When first introduced to Bec Brittain via the pages of T Magazine, we lit up at the credits of this Brooklyn-based creative. Finding ourselves delightedly lost in the portfolio of her work, it was the Shy Light Collection that shot to the top of our interior wishlist.

The collection, a modular system of L.E.D. tubes and brass hardware (also available in a myriad of other finishes for those less inclined to go ‘golden’), is the quintessential marriage of geometry and lumens. Each design, with the capacity to be hung from any point within its structure, is markedly less a functional necessity, and more a sculptural piece of art. One of our favorites, the table lamp, couldn’t be more naturally suited to illuminate our gilded office.

All images courtesy of Bec Brittain.

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