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Summer rays may be fading, but we’re still dreaming about the most adorable shoppe under the Tuscan sun, i visionari. High atop our Gilded Guide of Florentine faves, and part of the Unusual Florence retail collective, this eyeware shoppe deserves some extra time in the golden spotlight.






Unusual Florence

Owned by a brother & sister duo, i visionari strives to offer customers glasses from the most creative and inspiring personalities in the field of vision. Their business credo, ‘we specialize in stealing hearts and eyes’, couldn’t be more spot on;  a 20/20 approach, meticulous merchandising and product oh-so stylishly sweet… all the ingredients for love at first sight. And for those of you unable to visit their shoppe in the charming San Frediano district of Florence, stop by their online boutique, we guarantee it to be a delight for design eyes.

Images courtesy of i visionari and Unusual Florence.


August 26, 2013


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The past few months have been a travel blur, and as we finally unpack the last of our bags, we’re mentally savoring what has been an inspirational feast of summer getaways. High atop the list was a week in one of Europe’s sweetest gems, Firenze.

We’ve voyaged to this charming little city for the past several years, and like the patina on a Renaissance masterpiece, each cobblestone passage glows more beautiful with age. Over time, some of our favorite spots have come and gone, yet something magical about this place cloaked in history unveils itself with each new visit. Case in point? Stumbling upon an Eames’ exhibit nestled quietly in one of Florence’s 17th century piazzas.  Alas, a Getaway Guide full of old world heritage and modern style; a juxtaposition perfectly at home in the Tuscan countryside.


July 12, 2013


Much to our travel delight, we were recently transported to a scene straight out of Slim Aarons’ La Dolce Vita. Captured on the photogenic shores of Lake Como, we’re daydreaming about our annual slice of ‘the good life’ and plotting how we can return sooner, rather than later. Stay tuned for a new Gilded Getaway Guide highlighting one of our favorite Italian gems, and in the meantime, feel free to imagine yourself under that perfectly pink striped umbrella- we’ll meet you there. Ciao!

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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