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March 1, 2015


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When Sara Kate Huff opened up shoppe in Oklahoma City, our travel intuition kicked straight into high gear; a destination on the map we suddenly had reason to explore. Given Sara Kate’s discerning eye and aesthetic prowess, a local brick and mortar spoke volumes to what one would imagine – a captive audience and urban development. (For more details on Sara Kate Studios, not to mention interior eye candy galore, swing by our recent post for the inside scoop.)

Smaller in size to some of our prior destinations, this capital city still delivered a handful of gems. With trustworthy copilot Letter From Brooklyn right by our side, off we went with maps marked and ears to the ground. Letterpress enthusiasts and longstanding paper peeps, we made a beeline for Chirps and Cheers (if ever there’s a stationery store, we are guaranteed to unearth it). Adorably petite and meticulously curated, we stocked up on goodies + snail mail galore, chatting like locals with owner Susan, (who, by the way, is sweet as sugar just like her shoppe).

Meeting over brunch with Sara Kate and Allison, (a local consultant who knows Oklahoma City like the back of her hand), we got the lowdown on local happenings, a host of budding businesses, and the intel behind a city with an appetite for more, much more. Our choice for the gathering, Kitchen No. 324, served as the ultimate setting to complement our discussion. Modern interior, artisanal coffee + sinful sweets (try the Bavarian Cream Doughnut, you’ll thank us later), blink twice and you might just think you were in midtown Manhattan.

In between meals and retail exploring, we squeezed in some time for artistic inspiration and neighborhood navigating, paths driven by an ongoing desire to peel back the layers and unveil what a community is truly about. OKC, rooted in longstanding industries that have served this nation for decades and decades, is finding its footing and hitting its stride. While it may not (yet) be touted on ‘top ten lists’ by travel publications, editors and bloggers alike, it certainly has blossoming character and American swagger.


Most frequently our gilded getaways and subsequent guides are driven by unwavering wanderlust. However, if we had to play favorites, the ones we secretly adore can often be pinpointed to one catalyst in particular: a rising star on the culinary circuit, a boutique hotelier obliterating the boundaries of chain brands and lackluster hospitality, or a small shoppe owner with enviable taste and a resounding eye for detail. In the case of our recent venture due west of the nation’s heartland, the later couldn’t ring more resoundingly true.

Having long been a fan of Oklahoma native Sara Kate Huff’s style from afar, the 2014 opening of her brick & mortar, Sara Kate Studios, was the driving motivation behind our newest (and soon to be launched, we promise) Gilded Getaway Guide, ‘Oklahoma City’. The shoppe, tucked along Automobile Alley just north of downtown Oklahoma City, resides proudly in a recently revitalized commercial neighborhood once bustling with industry in the capital city. Architecturally restored to pay homage to the car dealerships and commerce along Broadway in the 20s, each storefront boasts classic design elements, soaring windows and down-home American sentiment.

Like a starstruck teenager, our pulse quickened and our eyes twinkled upon crossing the threshold of the stunning shoppe. Sara Kate’s talent, which many of us have come to adore via her colorful feed, covers every inch of the space, from vintage furnishings given new life with killer textiles, (think the unlikely marriage of classic ticking and authentic moroccan rugs, united at last like long lost lovers), to curated vignettes of mercantile wares worthy of pause and admiration. Mid-century beauties, Garza Marfa gems-du-jour, and contemporary lighting (cue the Serge Mouille fan club), live harmoniously under one roof.

Even Sara Kate’s design studio, nestled off the back of the shoppe and home of her bustling interiors and styling business, is a haven for any creative maven. Layers of kilim and Beni Ourain rugs dance with Eames seating and a smashing SMEG. One might question her ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand with such an abundance of eye-candy at arm’s length. Surely not the case, as Sara Kate’s clientele have come to appreciate her mantra, “Only surround yourself with the things and people you love”.

While not everyone will pack up a case, hop on the jetway and voyage 1,500 miles for the simple pleasure of experiencing first-hand an entrepreneur’s dream, should you find yourself in the near vicinity of Oklahoma City, take a drive north on Broadway and stop in, we’re fairly certain you’ll leave overwhelmingly inspired, and perhaps, like us, with a pillow or two (or three). For those snow-bound in the midst of these never-ending winter months, drop by her online shoppe, always open, chock full of goodies and capturing a slice of the SKS sentiment.

Sara Kate Studios | 1100 N. Broadway Ave. No. 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Images courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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