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2016, why, hello. You arrived so quickly that we’re only just wrapping our minds around the fact that you’re already here. With the arrival of another year comes a flurry of inspiration – a fresh new calendar, crisp pages in the planner, travels on the horizon + projects in the queue. With our first post of #tglpreciousobjects to officially ring in 2016 here at Around the Pound, we couldn’t be more anxious to curate a few of the delectable details that have us churning with excitement.

As a designer, the search for a desktop calendar can be a daunting task. Aesthetics, functionality. Aesthetics, functionality. We’re quite certain there are those in the universe that satisfy the quest for both, yet this year, we decided to throw in the towel and vote for good looks. The winner, a gorgeously crafted beauty from Charleston-based 42 Pressed. Like the most delicious of cakes, layer upon layer of copper-foiled goodness, enveloped in a bevy of mellow hues that make for a palate so refreshing, you’ll never want to dream in color again. For keeping tabs on meetings and appointments on-the-go, Louis Vuitton wins the award for simplistic agenda style, their pint-sized refills up the ante when it comes to portable panache. That adorable little LV hangtag? We’re secretly stashing in our cache of paper lovelies, because, yes, the secret’s out, we have one of those, and undoubtedly, we’d dare to venture that you probably do too.

As the days start rolling and we find ourselves knee-deep in new initiatives, we resolve to remember the value of time. Aesthetics and frivolity aside, the calendar serves as a reminder to savor each moment, live each day to the fullest, and let the small stuff fall to the wayside. Unlike doggy bags from your favorite eatery, calendar days can’t be saved for later. Time is too precious to be treated as anything less, our wish for you is to make the most of yours.

The Delectable Details

Hello Folded Note | Dahlia Press

Linen Swatches | Serena & Lily

Travel Pouch + Mechanical Pencil | Delfonics

Agenda Refill | Louis Vuitton

Die Cut Calendar | 42 Pressed

Trench + Stripes | Céline Resort

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.



For those new to Around the Pound (or those, like ourselves, with cloudy memory banks), back in early 2014 we kicked off a series on the blog, Precious Objects. A visual inspiration diary of sorts, the monthly series provides a canvas on which we curate a collection of bits + bobs, randoms + sentiments, papers + pretties. After a brief lengthy hiatus, we are rekindling our romance with all things visual, tactile + otherwise pleasing to the creative eye.

Fall has arrived here in New England, bringing with it a flurry of exciting changes behind-the-scenes at TGL. Our energies renewed, we thought it only fitting to get back in the Precious Objects saddle just in time to ring in the 4th quarter of 2015. We hope you’ll follow along, and maybe, just maybe, be inspired to start your own Precious Objects series. In fact, we dare you to walk away from your screens, put down your devices + exit your electronic world; sans touchscreens + trackpads, we’re fairly confident your senses and inner creative soul will thank you. Yes, you’ll need some space to house your goodies, but really, who isn’t secretly looking for an excuse to find stylish storage solutions + crazy cute catch-alls? Naturally, we know you’ll be dying to document your curations + hop right back into the big, bad virtual world, so tag your collections with our freshly created TGL hashtag, #tglpreciousobjects, and join in the fun of the newly minted Precious Objects Project, we’d love to have you.

Image courtesy of The Gilded Lobster.

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